Self-introduction : Mamoru




Everyone. How do you do. Is Mamoru !

It is now that I am allowed to participate as a photographer and staff of this ”EEYAN HIMEJI” !衛2

“Nice to meet you!”


姫路から帰ってきた“Nice to meet you!”


"Nice to meet you!"


姫路から帰ってきた “It is that has been made ​​since graduated from high school in Tokyo two months , if I had been any such thing in the meantime ? ”

まもる “ You can go crazy in the registration of dispatch , we are … or asked to stop to share house living with friends ”

姫路から帰ってきた“What do you have me why you went to Tokyo ? ”


衛2 “Hmm······”








まもる3“ …… ”












2015-06-19 15.02.26 “ It is not .”







姫路から帰ってきた“ I show up the timing I ’m a now . I see ! I do sense that do , such as travel . ”

姫路から帰ってきた“I come back again to Himeji , but is that of the able to help as staff of this site , what will be what it specifically ? ”


“I think help in the photographer and the writer becomes the main ! ”


まもる3“ After that, using the Twitter was going to play well in Tokyo and Osaka . ”


“ Using the SNS, we in the future because it was like to or connected with a person thought to be Na nice if you could take advantage of its know-how at this site .” 姫路から帰ってきた “ Thank you ! That’s great ! ”


“Last word , please ! ”衛4 I would like to meet a lot at Himeji good .

We look forward to providing a lot of information !

Still , but this is the media just started

Thank you in the future!