About the Himeji Castle is ideal


This is the castle was touted as the beautiful Himeji Castle in Japan.

About the name of the white Fort

Himeji Castle is also known as shirasagi Castle, in ruins of a castle in Japan are particularly popular tourist attractions. How to read "streets wearing" and "shirasagi Castle", which also called shirasagi Castle. Anyway, as the name implies it is white and beautiful castles.

Representatives of the Castle remain today

Himeji Castle is known also as a representative of the Castle located in the Plains.The original castle tower is the site of castle which is rare in existing Japan, and it may be said that there is the value of seeing in the point.

Even now is in the castle by which a cherry tree blooms now.

That area was built was called "sagiyama" derived from the name of shirasagi Castle. Its original name was "means"咲山", namely the cherry blossom mountain. Still, Himeji city, known as the beautiful city of cherry. It is the world live of live people times have changed and will not change.


Himeji Castle is Japan's most beautiful castles and is a popular Castle as a tourist spot. Also called shirasagi Castle, stands the name, is derived from the name of the land. A rare surviving Castle Hirayama Castle in the plain, and the reconstructed ones in that Citadel could say.